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Creating Your Own Web Pages

by Andrew Bryce Shafran, Andy Shafran. It's not enough to surf the Web anymore; everyone is creating their own Web pages! With this complete step-by-step tutorial, Internet expert Andy Shafran guides you through Web page basics, then shows you easy ways to customize your pages. You'll also learn how to add lists, tables, and graphics to your web pages.

  • Create your own Web pages from a straightforward, no-nonsense approach

  • Add links, tables, and bulleted lists to your pages

  • Include graphics, background images, and video to your page

  • Use Netscape and Internet Explorer-specific HTML commands

  • HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide

    by Elizabeth Castro. The acclaimed bestselling visual guide to learning HTML has been updated to cover all the new HTML tags for HTML 4. Perfect for beginners, this book presumes no prior knowledge of HTML or even the Internet. It uses clear, concise instructions for creating each element of the Web page, from titles and headers to creating links and adding tables, frames, forms, and multimedia. Full-color foldout chart.

    Webmaster in a Nutshell : Deluxe Edition

    by Stephen Spainhour, Valerie Quercia. This terrific reference book condenses the material of at least five huge volumes on Web site construction into a single small one. It doesn't teach how to develop and maintain a Web site, but it puts all the commands, syntax information, and related knowledge where you can find them quickly. Sections cover HTML, CGI, HTTI, JavaScript, and server configurations. Each section begins with a brief overview of the topic then follows with a series of well-organized lists, charts, and other reminders to help you rapidly find a little-used command or forgotten bit of information.

    Microsoft FrontPage 98 Unleashed

    by William Robert Stanek, Jeff Cooper. FrontPage 98 Unleashed, Third Edition is an all-in-one guide to designing, creating, and publishing on the World Wide Web and on intranet webs with the leading tool on the market. The book fully documents the product and its wide array of features, wizards, bots, and other tools. It also gives the reader a solid foundation in the principles of Web publishing, including planning; design; and creating forms, tables and image maps. FrontPage 98 Unleashed, Third Edition provides comprehensive sections on Web server set up and administration, and on adding interactivity to Web sites with CGI and scripting languages like JavaScript and Visual Basic Script. Additionally, it tells more advanced readers how to add Java applets to their Web sites. The book also includes sections, complete with extensive examples and templates, on setting up and maintaining Web pages for intranets, for commercial sites, and for home and personal use.

    Microsoft Frontpage 98 (Step by Step)

    by Stephen Nelson. Readers will discover all about how to build Web pages quickly and easily--it's FrontPage news. This "Step by Step" guide provides a procedural, personal training system for those who want to get up and running on Microsoft FrontPage. The CD-ROM includes practice files and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.

    With this book and Microsoft FrontPage 98, you'll learn to plan an intranet or a World Wide Web site; create and change Web pages; design and format Web pages for greatest appeal; enhance pages with images, sound, and movies; rearrange and connect Web pages; test and view a Web site with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, included on the companion CD-ROM; and publish and maintain a Web site. This book provides comprehensive preparation for the Microsoft Office User Specialist exams for Microsoft FrontPage 98 at both the Proficient and Expert levels.

    Dynamic Html : The Html Developer's Guide
    by Jeff Rule
    Our Price: $31.96

    Book Description
    This concise and readable tutorial and reference is just what web developers need to ease the learning curve for the exciting new technology called DHTML. It helps them understand the principles behind DHTML and acquire techniques for effective DHTML scripting using a unique learn-by-example approach. Not only do the examples contained in the book explain and illustrate theory, they can be plugged into existing web pages to create instant dynamic effects, such as pull-down menus, animations, pop-out menus, transitions, filters, and drag and drop. The book explains all of the key topics, including DOM (Document Object Model), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and XML (eXtensible Markup Language), essential technologies contributing to DHTML. Rule covers both Microsoft's and Netscape's implementations.

    DynamicHtml : The Definitive Reference
    by Danny Goodman
    Our Price: $31.96

    Book Description
    This book is an indispensable compendium for web content developers. It contains everything you need to create functional, cross-platform web applications, including a complete reference for all of the HTML tags, CSS style attributes, browser document objects, and core JavaScript objects supported by the various standards and the latest versions of Navigator and Internet Explorer. Browser compatibility is emphasized throughout. The reference pages clearly indicate browser support for every entity; handy cross-reference indexes make it easy to find interrelated HTML tags, style attributes, and document objects; and an advanced introduction to creating dynamic web content addresses the cross-platform compromises inherent in web page design today.

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