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Creating Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics

by Andy Shafran, Jack Shafram, Andrew Bryce Shafran, Chris Anderson. For a few years now, Jasc Software's Paint Shop Pro has been a popular and affordable image editor and paint program for producing Web graphics. Whether or not you joined the bandwagon early on, you'll be able to learn lots from this full-color guide. It illuminates the basic and advanced aspects of working within the updated program, Paint Shop Pro 5, to create excellent Web images--from logos and icons to photos and background graphics.

Creating Sams Teach Yourself Paint Shop Pro 5 in 24 Hours

(Teach Yourself in 24 Hours Series) by T. Michael Clark. Sams Teach Yourself Paint Shop Pro 5 in 24 Hours provides a quick and easy way to learn the Web-savvy image editor from Jasc, Inc. There are 24 one-hour lessons, ranging from basic navigational issues to Web output. You start off by learning the program's tools, preferences, and menus and by opening, saving, and printing files. Getting down to real work, you learn how to create and edit images by working with selections, deformations, drawing tools, painting tools, color, and text effects. By the 11th hour, you're ready to use layers, masks, channels, picture tubes, and filters to help you work more efficiently. The more advanced tasks, which begin in lesson 16, teach you to apply special effects, retouch your images, correct color, and create composite images. Finally, you prepare your graphics for the Web and create buttons, tiles, and animations. An appendix lists Web resources for learning more about Paint Shop Pro and other graphics programs.

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