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Premier Antivirus with Privacy Avast Protection is a tool that includes all sorts of antivirus essentials for all sorts of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android. It is up to date and understands that there are real-time threats constantly occurring, which is why they detect these threats and neutralize them, filter out and block dangerous links so that the user can safely browse the internet, and uses cloud computing technology to stay on top of the latest malware. The company also uses smart technology to identify any threats that are even acting SIMILAR to malware, which obviously can help the user maintain a peace of mind regarding their internet security that they didn’t have before.

Avast Premier Antivirus

One of the best things about Avast internet Security is how easy and straight-forward it is to install. The layout is perfect for anyone, and it doesn’t require any sort of technical knowledge to recognize all of the features that are clearly laid out, or adjust the settings. However, it should be noted that this isn’t a comprehensive program necessarily. For example, it required a little work to find certain extensions, which required more time and energy than was convenient.

In addition, unlike the competition, which will literally pop-up with windows describing threats, Avast takes a more subtle approach, and while it still displays the fact that there is a threat – it does so OUTSIDE of the browser. This might not be ideal for someone who is immersed in their work, for example. Also, we noticed that the messages kept popping up even after we closed them, which is frustrating for anyone to go through, considering that we had already absorbed the knowledge clearly, and are left to deal with unnecessary pop-ups.

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The software did do a great job of identifying over 95% of the threats, which is acceptable. However, it should be noted that this isn’t the highest score out of the competition, and there are other programs that scored higher and have more tools with regards to identifying threats. One red flag was that Avast Premier actually downloaded files, and THEN declared that there was malware, which can make any user nervous. No one wants to know that there is a threat that they just downloaded on their computer, and there are competing programs that actually work to identify the threat BEFORE you download a problematic file. It is clear that Avast does not identify any and all threats as well as some of the competition.

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It should be noted that basic Avast is free, so it’s not as if it is to be attacked for having the basic tools that it does – it costs nothing to the consumer. The premium versions do offer additional spam filters, personal firewalls, parental controls, and more, that might be of interest to the user and might be more adaptable to their specific needs. Avast Premier does also have a useful vulnerability scanner that can help keep you up to date with weak points in your system, as well, which is helpful. You can use Avast coupons to get up to 50% discounts for Avast Premier Antivirus, Internet Security and other business products.

Pros: Sometimes, when you are in automatic gamer mode, it can suspend certain functions to free up space and resources.
Cons: The program isn’t the easiest to use, and does have kinks that make it so the user can be frustrated.

Business Products

Avast Business Antivirus is a brand new endpoint defence tool that aims to combine the best of both AVG and Avast technology. A list of features begins with the safety essentials: antivirus, behaviour tracking, and download, email and document scans, together with the smart blocking of URLs. Security tools incorporate a firewall along with a spam filter. Community vulnerabilities are looked outside for, by the Wi-Fi Inspector, programs run protecting your PC's remainder, and a rescue environment can help to eliminate the stealthy and most stubborn dangers.


The Avast Business product portfolio managed services solutions -- driven by the planet's biggest threat and is made up of endpoint security. The Avast Business Protection providers maximize and simplify protected the IT expertise for medium-sized and little businesses.

Serving over companies and 400 million individuals, each apparatus Avast optimizes and protects functions as a detector, providing insight into what's currently occurring real-time within our customers' planet through their technology.