Marvelicious Backgrounds and Bordered Coverpage

Welcome to Marvelicious Designs! These Marvelicious Backgrounds are free to use on Personal Home Pages. If you are a commercial site, please email Marvelicious details to give you exclusive use of our backgrounds. These backgrounds may *not* be used with any other collections. Please DO NOT alter or change any of these graphics without permission! Please give our site credit on the same page for the background or sets you choose to use!

Marvelicious Designs

I will add some information in to marvelicious Backgrounds and Marvelicious Bordered Coverpage page soon. Please do *not* link to our server. Please see the note at the bottom of this page. I have added a “What’s New?” area to let you know which backgrounds are the latest creations. The matching graphics on THIS page is for the exclusive use of Marvelicious and may not be used on any other pages.

Many of you have asked which computer software I use for my designs. Please visit Marvel’s Computer Software & Storefront.

If you are interested in having exclusive rights to any of my free backgrounds or sets, please see Marvelicious Designs for details and price lists. Sets must be sold complete.