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The Many Wars Of Wolverine Through History

Wolverine is one of the most popular super heroes. He has been written about in comics since the early 1970′s. During his almost 40 years in comics and movies, he has had many battles.

He first appeared in an issue of the Incredible Hulk. Even though they are both “good guys”, he and the Hulk have had many battles. In the comic Wolverine: Old Man Logan, which takes place in an alternate future, Wolverine actually gets eaten by the Hulk and then uses his claws to rip out of Hulk, killing the Hulk once and for all. But that was an alternate future.

Sabretooth, who has similar powers to Wolverine, is his half-brother. However, the two have battled each other for years. The Movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine details this troubled relationship.

Wolverine is a member of the X-Men, an elite group of super heroes. As a member of the team, he has done battle with many enemies of the X-Men, like Magneto. Wolverine has many lesser known enemies like Bloodscream, Jaggernaut, Shiva and Cyber.

With super human strength, unlimited healing abilities, a skeleton coated with adamantium and adamantium claws, Wolverine is almost invincible. His many battles in comics and movies have made him legendary.

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