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The Ancient Religion Of The Silver Samari

There have been many fans of the Silver Samurai who have made the claim that, because he is Japanese, he is likely a devout Buddhist. Of course, this is very well possible, although there are at this time no comics available in which this character has made any kind of claim to Buddhism. He has never been seen practicing the religion, and it is for that reason that he is likely not a practicing Buddhist.

There is evidence to back the claim that the Silver Samurai’s main religious influence and moral values are similar to the ideology of Bushido, a system of beliefs and personal ethics followed by many traditional samurai of Japanese descent. Perhaps this is also why he took on the name “Silver Samurai” and even fashioned a Samurai-like costume to wear.

Since he was not really born into Samurai culture, Kenuichio Harada likely learned about the long-extinct group of people, became completely fascinated with their values and ended up adopting the creed and look of these traditional Japanese samurais as part of his persona. While the character is shrouded in mystery and no one knows the actual truth, this is the most likely scenario and is accepted by most fans.

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