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The Many Loves Of Scott Summers

January 30th, 2012

Scott Summers, originally known as Slim Summers is the leader of the X-Men. Summers is actually a mutant cyclops with a battle visor with a single eye or lens that runs across his eyes, hence the name Cyclops. Scott Summers became the first battle recruit of professor Charles Xavier. Xavier fell in love with Summers’ intensity and hard work and knew that he would be a leader from the very first time that they met.

Scott Summers has few weaknesses, if any. If falling in love is a weakness then Scott Summers has been doomed. His career has been marked by many loves and relationships that seemed to rarely affect his leadership in the world of X-Men battles. His first love was with Jean Grey but when she died and was reborn as Phoenix, Summers felt that he had to move on. Summers then began dating Colleen Wing but when Jean reenters the picture, Summers begins to date her again. Right before Jean’s death, Summers proposes to Jean and she accepts. After Jean’s death, Summers quits the X-Men and tries to go in to private life. After meeting a woman named Madelyne Pryor, who had a striking resemblance to Jean, they marry and have a child.

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The Psychological Damage Of Wolverines Childhood

January 15th, 2012

James Howlett, better known as Wolverine, was born in the late 19th century, in Alberta, Canada, to wealthy landowners, Elizabeth and John Howlett Jr. There is strong evidence to believe that James’ real father was Thomas Logan, a groundskeeper on the Howlett Estate. James’ strong resemblance to Logan, his adoption of the name Logan, and an allusion to an affair between Thomas Logan and Elizabeth Howlett all serve as evidence. Thomas Logan also had a son, Dog, that served as a pivotal role in James’ childhood. Another character that had an impact on Wolverine’s childhood was Rose, a girl that was hired to work on the Howlett Estate and later love interest of James.

The first major event that helped to psychologically scar Wolverine was the death of John Howlett Jr. and Thomas Logan. After being thrown off the estate by John, Thomas Logan and Dog sneak back at night to take Elizabeth with them. John finds them and a confrontation arises. James wakes in time to see Thomas kill John and, in a rage, his claws come out for the first time, which he uses to kill Thomas. Obviously horrified, Elizabeth kills herself with a rifle dropped by Dog.

After this event, Wolverine and Rose are banished, finding a mining camp to work in. This is where he adopts the name Logan and earns the nickname Wolverine. They are found by Dog and, in a confrontation with Dog, Wolverine accidentally kills Rose. He then flees to live in exile with a pack of wolves.

These events show how Wolverine came to distrust everyone and choose a life as a loner. They also help to explain his difficulty in forming meaningful relationships with women, his reluctance to let Charles Xavier become a father figure to him, and his animalistic tendencies.

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