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Doc Ock, Sandman And Other Spiderman Villains

Spiderman will always have villains to contend with, for there is no better way for him to showcase his “Spidey” powers.

Peter Parker becomes Spiderman, just before meeting, his first foe, the Green Goblin, who just so happens to be, Norman Osborn, the father of his best friend, Harry. Later, after Spiderman kills the Green Goblin in self defense, Harry becomes his enemy too, and vows to avenge his father’s death by taking over the Goblin persona, and getting rid of Spiderman, but a well-timed blow to the head renders Harry harmless, by taking away his seething memory.

Harry then introduces Peter to Doc Ock, the former Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius, a brilliant doctor who becomes changed and embittered by a failed experiment, when his atomic mechanical arms, and their nuclear core, become fused to his spine and brain. The melding process causes them to control him, and makes him resort to evil when there is a threat to remove them.

Then, there is Flint Marko, formerly known as William Baker, who becomes Sandman after escaping from prison, to see his beloved daughter, when he comes into contact with irradiated sand. From that point on, he is able to disintegrate into sand, and reunite his molecular structure into glass, at will.

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