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Peter Parker Begins His Spiderman Journey

Being the smartest guy is just one of the problems that Peter Parker had to face. He is in love with a girl named Mary Jane, who did not even know that he existed. Peter Parker is the ultimate reclusive introvert. He has no real group of friends, and finds himself the outsider of most social events.

When he is bitten by the radioactive spider, his teen troubles only get worst. While he was able to become outgoing, as New York-s newest super hero, saving the damsel in distress, Peter Parker was still just Peter Parker.

Spiderman was impressive and people wanted to be like him. Nobody wanted to be like Peter Parker, the guy that the professors will call upon just to show how smart he was.

Peter Parker loved his family and did not want to be a disappointment to them. So naturally, working at the laboratory, where he was bitten by the radioactive spider, was to be his legacy to them.

Aunt Mae was more than his aunt, she was his mom, and Uncle Ben was dad. Peter wanted to make them both proud of him in his academic achievement, even if it meant that Peter Parker remained a social outcast. Peter was in for a rude awakening when he was transformed into Spiderman.

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